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Save time and money with automated tools

Eliminate costly accounting errors while cutting the need to micro-manage. Our time tracking software automates employee time-tracking calculations with complete accuracy. Monitor workforce productivity in real-time, analyzing the data it collects for actionable intelligence on employee performance, productivity and engagement — helping you set schedules for a healthy work/life balance. Integrate time tracking software with applicant tracking and employee training logs to get complete visibility into costs and benefits of your workforce.


Integrate with top time clocks

Managing employee time and attendance can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. Time clocks can eliminate the burdens of a manual process and automate your entire system. Plus, today’s modern time clocks go far beyond just tracking employee time, they can also boost workplace satisfaction, improve payroll accuracy and even streamline your workforce’s overall efficiency. 

VCS software integrates with top time clocks – including contactless, personal device, touchscreen, and iris ID – that can be a great benefit for bigger companies with a large number of employees, as well as for smaller businesses that are looking to streamline processes and improve productivity in their daily operations. 

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