Over the past decade, improvements in HR technology continue to be abundant. Yet, many organizations hesitate to implement technology based on lack of knowledge, cost, or simply being comfortable with a tired, manual process that is seemingly getting the job done.

The question is, if there is access to a seamless transition into a simple, easy to use HR workforce management system that mitigates micromanaging, would you still remain with your manual processes?

When it comes to effectively running a business, efficiency is the main goal. Efficiency is defined as signifying a peak level of performance that uses the least amount of inputs to achieve the highest amount of output. So, what can businesses do to increase efficiency with technology, even when current processes appear to be working just fine?

Workforce management systems are designed to increase the level of efficiency and productivity within an organization, helping managers stay on top of important tasks without micromanaging employees in order to do so. These systems work to simplify processes from scheduling, time and attendance, to payroll and more. Listed below are pivotal organizational improvements inherent in workforce management technology to eliminates micromanaging.

Cloud Technology

how to use cloud technology to eliminate the need for micromanaging employees

Using the cloud, all data is saved within one platform, creating a secure, accessible space for business data and information to be stored.

With the use of cloud technology, permission sets can be set to allow staff access to HR information within the cloud. Employees can view their schedules in real-time while managers can make changes to accommodate absences and callouts on the fly. With information available in real-time from any device, it is easy to plan ahead, make shift schedules changes as needed, and eliminate the need for micromanaging.

Additionally, managers can eliminate the need for micromanaging with easy access to analytics that provide valuable data on employee performance. This information is critical when evaluating an employee for a potential promotion or to identify those employees that are falling behind and require a performance improvement plan.

Streamline Workflows

streamlining workflows to reduce the need for micromanaging employees

With a workforce management system, one can input pay rules, and staffing requirements and that comply with state and federal laws. Always remain compliant with potential changes in the law that can be costly to businesses in terms of fines and litigation.

Manage PTO Requests & Overtime Effortlessly

automating employee scheduling to reduce the need for micromanaging

With an HR workforce management solution, staff requests for overtime are automated to ensure that only those that are qualified are awarded the overtime job. PTO is easily managed as well ensuring that those requests are processed and approved based on your organization’s rules and requirements.

No need for micromanaging these time consuming and error prone manual tasks that are virtually eliminated with a workforce management solution.

Make it Work with HR & Payroll


A business must ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time. Manual systems used in the past are prone to errors. Integrating payroll into your workforce management platform is essential in ensuring an accurate payroll. Managers no longer need to dedicate micromanaging payroll clerks, and payroll clerks no longer need to spend hours entering and verifying data as the powerful automation within the system handles it all.

VCS Intelligent Workforce Management

Visual Computer Solutions creates intelligent workforce management software that reinvents how you work and scales as your business grows. Compatible for all private businesses, government organizations and public safety agencies, VCS software simplifies employee scheduling, time & attendance, human resources and payroll for today’s modern workforce.

To learn more about our products, visit https://www.vcssoftware.com/solutions/

About VCS

VCS provides public and private sectors with ultramodern workforce management tools that better manage their most complex workforce management needs and tedious business processes. Backed by 20 years of experience, VCS’ platform boasts industry-specific products and services, carefully crafted to make employee management, time & attendance, human resources, and payroll easier for the entire workforce.

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