Vacation & Shift Bidding

Allow and engage employees to bid on open shifts for which they qualify based on predetermined business rules and skill sets. With the shift bidding module, managers easily create open shifts that can account for any work rule such as seniority, qualifications, training, overtime, location or any other business requirement pertinent to your operations.

Shift bidding greatly reduces the time spent on scheduling while promoting increased employee involvement in the process. Providing and promoting employee engagement leads to an increase in overall productivity as noted by decreases in employee absenteeism rates and turnover.

The Vacation & Shift Bidding module combines data and artificial intelligence to automate the bidding process by:
vacation shift bidding add on module
  • NEmpowering employees to bid on shifts in real-time for which they qualify, based on your predetermined business rules and skill sets
  • NUsing email and text notification, employees will always know exactly when an opportunity for selection has opened
  • NProviding supervisors and managers with the ability to easily create and post open shifts by skill set, location, seniority status, or any complex bid rotation or pattern
  • NEasily managing PTO, vacation requests, blackout days, quotas and overtime requests with shift bidding automation
  • NSaving time and increasing efficiency among your managerial staff with the ability to instantly award based on rule sets or any other staffing criteria while maintaining minimum shift strength at all times

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