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VCS’ Evolution Exchange will take place on June 8-10, 2021 at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.

Evolution Exchange is the only place where the VCS community can come together in a collaborative environment to share software tips, learn about new offerings, get exclusive one-on-one training with Product Specialists, hear directly from the developers and gain valuable insights into what the future holds for the always improving VCS platform. Plus, this year’s conference will feature never-before-done bootcamp training – an intense crash course on everything VCS customers need to know to master their scheduling system.

While VCS provides unlimited training resources 24/7-365, none can compare to what customers can learn during our 3-day User Conference. Let’s face it: Our scheduling system is complex. We have a lot of features – each put in place to run your department most efficiently – and it’s time you learn them all.

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You should be using our software to its full advantage… but ask yourself: are you really? If not, Evolution Exchange is the best place where we can teach you how to.

Sure, you could spend countless hours on the phone with Tech Support and Product Specialists year-round… but, wouldn’t it make more sense to attend Evolution Exchange and come face-to-face with these resources – plus the developers who actually build the software – and learn about best practices, new features, how to solve your problems, and get answers to your most-asked questions all in just 3 days?

Evolution Exchange is a User Conference built on efficiency with the goal of bringing our customers together and teaching them in 3 days what could normally take up to 1 year.

Additionally, our User Conference features various networking events that have proven to help other VCS customers learn from each other, understand new tactics of using the software, and even bring those helpful tips and solutions back to their own departments for better ease of use.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today to ensure availability!



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