All organizations share one thing in common: employees. Whether you manage a warehouse with 1000+ workers or a 5-person landscaping company, strategically allocating your available workforce, maximizing productivity, and preventing employee attrition can mean the difference between a highly functional, successful operation and a struggling one. 

Managing all of these factors can be a full-time job in and of itself. Luckily, there is software designed specifically to simplify and expedite the process.   

What Is Workforce Management Software?  

Workforce management software is a series of digital tools that allow employers to efficiently manage their greatest asset—their employees while streamlining and automating many common scheduling and human resources processes. 

Workforce management tools were originally developed with call centers and warehouses in mind. However, with leaps in technology and the growing list of HR and compliance demands placed on employers, these tools have become practical, indispensable resources that can transform the productivity and efficiency of any workforce, regardless of size or industry.  

Why Do Organizations Need Workforce Management Software?

Do you spend hours working out complex schedules by hand, only to still end up with staffing shortages, skill redundancies or deficits, and unnecessary overtime? Are your employees overworked, burnt out, or totally unengaged? Do you frequently deal with the fallout from compliance violations, or feel like you are constantly in the hiring process because you just can’t seem to keep your employees for more than a few months?  These are just some of the most common struggles addressed and alleviated by workforce management software.   

Major benefits of implementing a workforce management solution include:  


  • Lowering operating costs by reducing unnecessary overtime and overstaffing. 
  • Automating tedious HR tasks, saving time, and reducing the risk of manual errors. 
  • Ensuring proper shift coverage with smart scheduling based on availability, certifications, skills, and more. 
  • Forecasting staffing needs. 
  • Reducing the risk of compliance violations. 
  • Preventing employee burnout and attrition by creating realistic, achievable workloads. 
  • Intelligent/strategic decision-making based on real-time workforce analytics. 
  • Ensuring accurate payroll data and streamlining payroll processing.  

Optimize Your Workforce with AION

Ready to take the next step in your workforce management journey? With AION you get best-in-class intelligent workforce management software backed by professionals with 25 years of experience managing some of the most complex, dynamic workforces there are.  

Configure a platform unique to your specific rules, policies, and processes, pull payroll, overtime, and other reports instantly, and guarantee that you always have the right employee with the right skills at the right time.  

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