Why Consider Extra Duty Management for Police_

The beauty of an extra duty management service is that it removes the pain staking hassles of communicating and scheduling with contractors to fill extra duty jobs. Building relationships with contractors and managing overtime jobs takes valuable time away from what is truly essential in managing a police department. By using an extra duty management service provider, the responsibility is theirs to work directly with your contractors and eligible extra duty officers to build communication and ensure that all jobs are filled accurately and fairly. 

Real-Time Job Posting 

With the use of cloud technology within a workforce management platform offered by your service provider, eligible officers have the availability to view extra duty job postings in real-time. When the job is selected and approved, the job is marked complete and unavailable for viewing, thus removing the possibility for confusion and miscommunication among staff. With real-time job posting, officers can view jobs and staff schedules from any device and rely on the information being displayed as accurate. 

Officers also have the option to sign up for job notifications through their device. As soon as a job is available, any eligible officer for the job will be notified, allowing for quick and efficient job fulfillment services.  

Awarding Jobs Fairly 

When there is an available job on the table, it is not automatically available to any officer. Officers are verified by their skillsets and any other criteria or rules set applicable to your agency. A job award is presented to those officers that meet the criteria and requirements for selection. Using an extra duty management service provider will ensure equity and fairness in your job awarding process. 

Behind the Scenes 

Extra duty management services take communication seriously. Tracking each step of the job process secures confidence that the operation is running smoothly. Once an officer has accepted the job, contractors confirm to the extra duty management provider that the position has been filled, making sure everyone remains in the loop. 

Handling the Payments 

With extra duty management services, there is no waiting period for officer payment, as officers are awarded upfront. Extra duty management services handle the finances between contractors to ensure that officers receive immediate payment processed in conjunction with their next payroll. With job verification through the officer, timely payment terms are always met. 

An officer notifies the service when they have arrived on the job site and does the same for when the job has been successfully completed. Once job completion is confirmed, the agency is automatically billed.  

No Cost to Your Agency 

There is no cost to your agency with the use of an extra duty management service provider. The service provider will work with your contractors to ensure all jobs are filled and that the financial responsibility for payment is handled directly.  

Absorbing the Financial Risk 

An extra duty management provider will handle all invoicing and collection activities. Should a contractor fail to pay for services, the provider will absorb any and all financial risk. Never will a payment be delayed to an officer based on contractor issues. 

VCS Intelligent Workforce Management – Jobs4Blue 

Jobs4Blue is the leading expert in extra duty management since 2003. As a provider of extra duty management services, we ensure that jobs are always filled fairly and timely. Long tenured relationships with contractors ensure a smooth and efficient business process removing those responsibilities from your police department. Thanks to our decades of police scheduling expertise as well as the ability to view current work schedules in real-time, Jobs4Blue can ensure accuracy in job fulfillment.  

To learn more about Jobs4Blue and our extra duty management services, please visit https://www.vcssoftware.com/solutions/jobs4blue/ 


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