Why Proper Onboarding is a Necessity for Workforce Management Software

Companies often face a period of hesitancy before finally implementing a workforce management software system. Often, this is for fear that business practices will come to a halt as manual processes will need to be programmed and new practices through automation would be difficult to navigate and time consuming to implement.

A workforce management system is designed to streamline practices, mitigate micromanagement, and reduce the overall costs of a business. So, why do so many business leaders hesitate to implement such solutions?

In this article, understand the importance of effective onboarding and how to best implement workforce management software for optimal success.

Convey Purpose and Necessity of the WFM Software System

If this is a new endeavor for your business, there may be internal concerns. Even if day-to-day procedures change for the better, employee processes are still shifting into unknown territory. Onboarding specialists are a crucial step in properly implementing workforce management software.

A specialist can identify the needs and adhere proper solutions to each employee task, all while explaining in detail how the software aligns with the goals of the company. A specialist’s main job is to communicate clearly and thoroughly to bring each administrator up to speed for complete understanding of new practices and how to best approach educating staff and peers.

Training Goes Beyond Administrators

Some software solutions require training for only a few administrators. This isn’t always the case with a workforce management system. Administrators, managers, supervisors, and agents will utilize the software, meaning potentially tens or even hundreds of users can log in to the software daily with the use of cloud technology

All company stakeholders should be involved in the onboarding of a workforce management solution from day one through completion , keeping everyone informed and in the loop about tasks and best practices. With excellent onboarding coupled with multiple training sessions, all stakeholders and end users should understand their role and the functionality of the software in order to effectively do their job.

Why ‘Go-Live’ Is a Typical Concern

Often, with insufficient onboarding and implementation, a newly live software solution can present problems, resulting in major disruptions to the day to day management of your workforce. With a qualified onboarding specialist and analyzation of company practices, concerns like these can be alleviated. Having a knowledgeable onboarding resource at your side can be invaluable as your team launches a workforce management software solution.

Double Check Success with a Post-Launch Evaluation

Going live is a major accomplishment, but the workforce management software onboarding experience doesn’t stop there. The onboarding specialist will provide ample time for your team to get comfortable working with your new technology, then schedule a meeting to discuss your progress. This can be a great time for you to share any needs or concerns now that the team has experienced the software system for weeks or even months. Features that may have made sense during training may now be confusing to some users, and the onboarding specialist can step in and manage any re-training if needed.


In summary, an innovative workforce management software system creates hidden value within your business because it ensures success and provides constant support. Taking into consideration the excellence of the onboarding program within the selected software will be telling regarding the ease of implementation down the road. Leveraging onboarding to create a great start with workforce management software makes all the difference in ensuring the technology has a positive impact on your business 

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