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Forecast & create schedules to meet your service level goals

Call Centers must manage their workforces to achieve their service level goals in line with desired cost efficiencies and expectations for the customer experience. Yet more than 40% of contact centers still operate without workforce management technology. As they continue to grow in size and complexity, manual scheduling is quickly becoming outdated. Agents are now expected to handle more than one type of transaction — transactions that can occur across multiple channels. Spreadsheet schedules just can’t scale to meet these evolving needs.

The VCS platform can forecast and create and assign agents to schedules and monitor and manage daily workloads. This can result in lower operational costs, achievement of service level performance, meeting service level KPIs, and an overall better experience for your customers. VCS software also allows you to completely eliminate paper and cut scheduling time in half by automating the process of creating, accessing, and managing error-free timecards and schedules.

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Balance service levels with staffing costs easily & effectively

The costs of understaffing can be greater than overstaffing, as it can result in poor customer service, leading to negative brand image and loss of customers. Agent burnout relating to lack of employee retention and workforce turnover can cause missed services levels, abandoned calls and missed revenue. VCS software manages minimum staffing levels and reduces staffing costs while always remaining compliant.

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