Correction Officer Scheduling System



Automated Scheduling for Correctional Facilities

Maintaining fair and effective workforce scheduling to address the intricate day-to-day operations of a correctional facility is no easy task. The Correction Officer Scheduling System is the only authentic corrections scheduling and time & attendance solution that exists in the marketplace today. As requested by Correctional Administrators who best understand the complexity of their mandated rules and laws, COSS was designed to include the ability for customization to a facility’s unique requirements.

Two primary features that are inherent to the correctional industry are shift bidding and rules policy automation. With COSS, you can systemize overtime shift bidding with the ability to customize the process based upon the requirements set by your organization.

Employees are enabled to bid on overtime shifts directly from a smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. Also, the ability to input all policies - as they relate to labor laws, attendance tracking, and overtime - will propel your agency to a level of compliance and efficiency associated with best-in-class institutions.

Distinctive to VCS’ employee scheduling systems are our rules-driven Schedule Builder, Report Writer, and Security Designer tools. These innovative developments allow for agency-specific rotations, posts, security hierarchies, union rules, overtime fairness requirements, and pay rates to drive the use and automation of your information in the exact format and display desired.

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  • Balance of Time Off Report

    Balance of Time Off Report

  • Employee Profile View

    Employee Profile View

  • Open Shifts

    Open Shifts

  • Overtime Valuation Report

    Overtime Valuation Report

  • Request Time Off

    Request Time Off

COSS Features

  • Electronic Timesheets

    The schedule is easily maintained with electronic timesheets that can be generated for every employee each pay period.

  • Biometric Identification

    Cutting-edge biometric time clocks such as hand and fingerprint scanners automatically update attendance within the system.

  • Cloud Technology

    An innovative cloud-hosted environment is included with each solution, making the SaaS model easy, secure, and reliable.

  • Leave and Time Balances

    Accruals, time off, and leave are automatically calculated to provide management with instant access to employee time balances.

  • Employee Self-Serve

    Employees are empowered to view and manage their own schedules, which contributes to a happier, more productive workforce.

  • Shift Bidding

    Grant access to eligible employees to view available shifts and rank them in order of priority selection. Overtime shift bidding can be awarded based on the rules set by the organization.

  • Overtime Management

    Manage overtime with automatically generated employee lists, based on skill sets, to ensure that the right people are covering the right positions.

  • Robust Reporting

    There are over 45 canned reports and 50 popular custom reports, of which productivity, cost effectiveness, and all other activities can be quantified and analyzed.

  • Real-Time Schedules

    Immediately know when overtime is needed, a shift falls below minimum staffing levels, a certification has expired, or a call-out occurs.

  • Payroll Integration

    The accurate calculation of employee work hours according to your business, union, and HR rules will take one-third of the time it takes to complete manually.
    Integrate with any payroll provider.

  • Time Clock Verification

    Verify schedule data using time clock check-ins via key fob, prox card, fingerprint or handprint.

  • Broadcast Messaging

    Instantaneous messaging capabilities through email, phone, and text provide supervisors and employees with essential communication tools.

  • Import/Export Gateway

    Import various types of data from other systems into the scheduling solution or export data in .csv, .txt, and .xml formats.

  • Audit Trail

    Track and automatically log all activity actions, such as when a change was made and by whom.

  • Eliminate Paper

    The elimination of paper slips and timecards immediately improves workforce productivity and organization.

  • Timesheets and Payroll

    Timesheets are created automatically from the schedule and electronically exported to your payroll provider.

  • Training Certification

    Track employees’ skill sets and certifications through the scheduling system and always know when an employee has acquired new skills and is eligible for promotions.

  • Security Levels

    Use the Security Designer to customize all security levels and corresponding permissions within the system.

  • Smart Phone Access

    Access any of our dynamic rules-based employee scheduling solutions right from your mobile devices!

  • Overtime Request

    Request overtime easily through the system, the Internet, and any smart phone or tablet.

  • Time Off Request

    Users can request time off effortlessly in three easy steps by choosing the time off request date, selecting a reason, and submitting the request.

  • Staff Shortage Alerts

    Receive immediate alerts when a shift falls below minimum staffing requirements with a vibrant change in shift color right on your dashboard.

  • Rules Policy Automation

    Input the rules of your organization’s scheduling and time & attendance policies, and customize them at any time.

  • Customized Desktop

    Use active tiles to customize your desktop and create as many dashboards as you like.

COSS Product Brochure

Download the brochure for additional information regarding the benefits, savings, and professional scheduling services designed specifically for correctional facilities.



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