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AION’S Specialty Suite For Correctional Agencies And Jails

Maintaining fair and effective workforce scheduling to address the intricate day-to-day operations of a correctional facility is no easy task. The Correction Officer Scheduling System is the only authentic corrections scheduling and time & attendance solution that exists in the marketplace today. As requested by Correctional Administrators who best understand the complexity of their mandated rules and laws, COSS was designed to include the ability for customization to a facility’s unique requirements.

Two primary features that are inherent to the correctional industry are shift bidding and rules policy automation. With COSS, you can systemize overtime shift bidding with the ability to customize the process based upon the requirements set by your organization.

Employees are enabled to bid on overtime shifts directly from a smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. Also, the ability to input all policies - as they relate to labor laws, attendance tracking, and overtime - will propel your agency to a level of compliance and efficiency associated with best-in-class institutions.

Distinctive to the powerful AION platform are our rules-driven Schedule Builder, Report Writer, and Security Designer tools. These innovative developments allow for agency-specific rotations, posts, security hierarchies, union rules, overtime fairness requirements, and pay rates to drive the use and automation of your information in the exact format and display desired.

COSS Webinar – Available on Demand

Correction Officer Scheduling System – Automated Scheduling Designed for Correctional Facilities

This webinar demonstrates the power of our platform in action. Watch and learn how our time-tested scheduling system designed exclusively for public safety can eliminate the challenges you face in managing your workforce scheduling.


Features of the COSS Specialty Suite

Feature powered by AIONAIONCOSS
Unlimited customized dashboards
Compliance And Rules Management
Real-time Schedules
Electronic Timesheets
Biometric Time Clocks
PTO Requests
Shift bidding
Mobile Friendly
Track employee training
Ad-Hoc Reports
Employee Skill Set Management
Special Event Staffing
Advanced Overtime Management
Staff Shortage Notifications
Employee Activity Tracking
Workforce Communication
W-2 & 1095C forms
ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
Employee benefit elections
Payroll Tax Filing
ACA Compliance
Payroll Integration
Employee Self-Serve
User-Friendly Web Interface
Advanced Onboarding
Easy Set Up & Configuration
Custom HR Fields
Employee Asset Management
Business Analytics
ID Card Integration
Compensation History Tracking
Employee Reminders
Unlimited Security Profiles
Succession Management
Unlimited Pay Types
Import/Export Capabilities
Multiple Pay Rates and Payroll Periods
Custom Payroll Fields
Multiple Work Groups & Pay Groups
GPS Enabled Employee Punching
Hand Geometry Time Clocks
Manage Multiple Locations in one Database
Field Service Scheduling
Certification Tracking
Employee Database
Central Intake Personnel Management  
Relief Factor Management  
Outsourced Vendor Scheduling  
Medical & Inmate Transfer Staffing  
Daily Correction Officer Activity Tracking  
Overtime Justification Logs  
Special Assignment & Relief Officer Management  
Permanent & Non Permanent Reciprocal Schedule Switching  
Overtime Accountability & Budget Management  
Photo Enabled Time Clocks to avoid Buddy Punching  
Relief Co-Efficient Analysis  
Shift Trades  
Overtime Valuation & Justification  
Staff Shortage by Facility, Post or Pod  
Seniority Reports  
Multiple Daily Rosters  
Strength Reports  
On-Call Employee Management  
Rotating & Fixed Schedule Capabilities  
Advanced Holiday Rules  

AION Specialty Suites

Built from our 20 plus years of experience working in the Public Safety sector, we carefully crafted the perfect modules to add to our AION platform to create Specialty Suites to help Police, Corrections, Fire and EMS to operate at their highest efficiency.


COSS Product Brochure

Download our brochure for additional information regarding the benefits and savings our Correction Officer Scheduling System (COSS) will help you realize.


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  • Quote

    I really like what the system offers our department. It is very easy to keep up to date with whom and where our personnel will be.

    Stephen Carasia, Deal, NJ


  • Quote

    The system has operated flawlessly and the supervisors that were not even trained on the system navigate it with ease. I wish all of our computer systems worked as easily as this one. You have an incredible product.

    Lt. Ed Waldhelm, Brick, NJ


  • Quote

    In a nutshell, the VCS cloud has made the complicated, simple!

    John Zebrowski, Sayreville, NJ


  • Quote

    The system has been an invaluable tool in managing employee personal time, overtime and attendance. The reports are informative and the built-in checks & balances are a superior function.

    Michael Murphy, Warminster, PA


  • Quote

    The system has dramatically simplified our scheduling process and increased accuracy in maintaining time off and overtime records. It is a great product with outstanding customer support.

    Captain John Calka, Westport, CT


  • Quote

    After years of using an outdated scheduling program, your product has made my life 10 times easier. The tech support is great and the staff is so pleasant.

    Patricia Frank, Poughkeepsie, NY


  • Quote

    Prior to using the system we had been using an antiquated paper and labor (time) intensive system. The system has paid for itself several times over and we’ve only been using it 5 months. A great product with excellent people backing it up.

    Lt. Joseph Shivers, Reading, PA


  • Quote

    Information that used to take hours to retrieve is available to any administrator in a matter of seconds. Your excellent product support and enhancements have confirmed for us that the implementation of the system has been one of the most beneficial improvements we have made.

    Lt. Thomas Altizio, Scarsdale, NY