You can track employee wellbeing, get continuous feedback, develop high-performing managers, and make performance administration more dynamic by using smart workforce management.

In fact, this proves why human resources can’t be replaced by technology. Yet, in the same breath, technology can empower your team to work faster and more efficiently. Here’s how…

Boost Employee Morale via Smart Workforce Management

A nimble and popular technology solution is increasingly aiding workforce managers at public agencies, small businesses, organizations, and corporations. This solution is succeeding by helping department managers drive business results and employee engagement at the same time. Department leaders can use software to leverage their strengths, set goals, motivate their teams, drive performance, and provide feedback that fosters growth.

One of the biggest drivers of employee engagement is the relationship with a manager. However, when great individual contributors get promoted to managers, they don’t always succeed because they haven’t developed their leadership skills.

Management learning within software can help remedy this problem. A smart workforce management solution is uniquely situated to fix these issues because it’s comprised of a mixture of instructor-led learning and coaching-based practice. Before returning to their colleagues, managers continually apply their skills and continue learning.

Where Smart Workforce Management Meets Team Productivity

Human resources teams can streamline work that can be automated and focus on more human-driven responsibilities and company culture initiatives with integrated smart workforce management technologies. Even better: Scaling administrative tasks recoups the upfront investment in these digital tools. Here’s how:

  • Payroll, organization, and administrative tasks. Payroll must run smoothly each and every period. In most cases, human resources shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time on payroll administration. It’s easy to automate payroll and make sure people get paid on time and accurately with the right software solution.
  • Background rules, policies, and compliance. Defining employment policies, procedures, and work practices that follow all laws and regulations is the job of human resources — and no one else. It can be a full-time position keeping up with constantly changing laws and marketplace factors. You can free up human resources teams to focus on more strategic items and projects if you invest in workforce tools and solutions.
  • Artificial intelligence, streamlining, and automation. You can waste the valuable time of your individual human resource team-member careers on data-entry and other all-consuming tasks that they — nor you — would enjoy. To make things worse, your organization, agency or company is also wasting resources when this happens since there are smart workforce management solutions that can automate many of these mundane tasks. They are available so your team can focus on what really matters — your employees. For accurate, real-time employee data, look for solutions that integrate with your information systems.

Management of Data, Informed Results, and Decisions

The process of pulling data shouldn’t be painful. It’s easier to make decisions and take action with smart workforce software that helps you get insights quickly. You can:

  • Streamline your processes and improve your performance. Time-consuming and outdated processes are being replaced with performance management and administration software. You can ditch the annual performance review and revamp your employee feedback process. These human resource solutions get rid of spreadsheets and complex systems for calculating performance ratings across departments. This way, it’s easy and quick to get feedback on everyone’s performance — and it’s easier for teams to manage employee performance with the right technology helping define roles, set goals, and give feedback.
  • Engage your employees with relevant information and data. Some national studies have estimated the cost to businesses, organizations, and agencies being disengaged with their workforce management is an astounding $1 trillion annually. Essentially, it pays for human resources leaders to improve employee engagement by investing in data-driven engagement measurement software and all the other conveniences it can offer.

Collaboration, Tools, and Removing Barriers

As a result of new technologies, human resource management teams and smart workforce management tools can scale and reduce costs. Employees, managers, and human-capital leaders can view and collaborate on the same information with the right tools, removing communication barriers.

You can generate a lot of data when it comes to talent management and people operations. But human resources and people leaders wouldn’t be able to manage that data or act on it without technology. Some tips include:

  • Giving remote workers a leg-up. As 2023 approaches quickly, the future of work is here, whether you’re ready for it or not. More people are working remotely and looking for more flexible options. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some studies found up to 48 percent of employees agreeable — or even excited — to work fully remote. Business needs to learn how to create dynamic, high-performing teams in a new world with these cultural changes and demographic shifts. You should look at payroll, clocking in and out, compliance, records, performance management solutions, and so much more being nearly fully accessible from anywhere, as well as integrated with the productivity tools your employees already use.
  • Keeping all your data on employees in one place. An organization’s culture and bottom line benefit from managing and acting on employee data and feedback. Consider investment in a comprehensive, integrated smart workforce management system as an investment in the future. A full-service solution shows your team members you care about them, not just their job. Putting your systems and processes in place for growth is also a good idea.

Improve Management of Processes and Talent

Modern human resources solutions are no longer a “nice to have” — they’re essential. Leaders need smart workforce management software to create an employee experience and culture that people want to stick with.

In today’s competitive market, human resources teams have a hard time attracting and retaining top talent. Since the pandemic, labor force participation has been slow, leaving a huge gap between supply and demand of workers. Unemployed workers still outnumber job openings by several million throughout the United States. In addition, workers are still leaving their jobs in record numbers, showing they’re open to switching jobs to get a better pay or change the workplace culture.

In light of all this, you can:

  • Enhance your onboarding process. It’s not onboarding if you send them the employee handbook and instructions for logging in. An employee’s first days and weeks on the job are crucial to their engagement and productivity. Getting new employees acclimated to their new role, team, and organization takes time. You can help them figure out their goals and career path so they can be high performers. With cutting-edge smart workforce management in place, human resources teams and managers can collaborate when it comes to onboarding and new employees can get involved.
  • Hold on to workers through quality retention. It hurts the company in more ways than one when great employees leave. It’s expensive to endure staff turnover. Unwanted departures can hurt productivity. Employee engagement can also be affected by low morale. If there are good opportunities at your company, people won’t leave. Smart workforce management software gives employees an overview of what’s expected of them at each stage of their career. You don’t want to lose another great employee over better pay, so make better compensation decisions using technology. Import performance reviews and ratings quickly into your compensation platform and get rid of outdated, error-prone manual processes. Learn about your workers’ performance through the right solution.
  • Make the right hiring decisions the first time around. It’s not just about finding warm bodies to fill open roles. Your organization needs top performers with a great work ethic and a desire to learn and grow. Posting open positions on your website or job board won’t get you those people. To find those diamonds in the rough, your or your recruiters need the right workforce tool.

VCS Software is your all-in-one solutions platform for smart workforce management software, whether your business, company, or public agency or department is large, medium, or small. VCS Software provides the right solutions within human resources — and so much more.

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