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Put Oversight of Downtime Requests on Permanent Vacation

Easily grant PTO requests & ensure minimum staffing levels

Time off is a critical component in creating a healthy work/life balance. Optimize both employee down time, and workforce scheduling needs with VCS solutions. Set parameters for time off requests. The rules automatically handle resolution of conflicting time-off requests and other oversight responsibilities, while enabling employees to find their own replacements using established approval criteria.

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Empower employees with vacation bidding

Mitigate oversight of posting, bidding, and awarding time off opportunities with VCS tools that automate the process using rules tailored to your organization’s own rules. Employees appreciate the transparent and clear information on eligibility, availability, and submission procedures, and real-time ability to submit requests and bid for down time.

With VCS, employees can directly bid on or choose desired vacation time, creating a more flexible staffing environment. Our software automates the bidding process, ensuring fairness in scheduling processes and allowing employees to better shape their schedules.

Employers also immediately see a benefit in time savings achieved by eliminating the need to manually collect employee availability and preferences. Another benefit is that schedules become available in real-time, providing instant and up-to-date access to all employees.

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